CADE Arrival Guarantee 

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the condition of your new CADE aquarium when you follow our arrival guarantee process!

The CADE Aquarium Freight Packaging has been tried and tested in Australia for many years, and has proven to be an incredibly robust setup. We select freight companies with a successful track record for delivering high-end glass aquariums in pristine condition. However, it is still imperative that upon delivery, that you inspect for damages that may have occurred in transport. Should damage be discovered, it is vital that is reported on the Proof of Delivery paperwork (POD) at the time of receipt. If it is not noted at the time of delivery, then we will not be able to make a claim with the freight carrier


Furthermore, CADE Aquarium Systems are packaged in thick plywood crates, and AlgaeBarn makes our own custom pallets to withstand the challenges faced in LTL transport.


Bill of Lading/Proof of Delivery Introduction

The Bill of Lading (BOL for short) &/or Proof of Delivery paperwork (what the delivery driver will hand you to sign off on accepting the delivery are the most important documents in freight shipments. If you notice any abnormalities, please make a written note on the paperwork that the delivery driver hands you (POD or BOL) before signing for the shipment. You can write it anywhere there is a white space (as long as it is on the front side). These notes tend to be the sole difference between the freight company approving or denying a claim.


Typical LTL Process


CADEUSA calls to notify of the following details:
      a. The order (CADE Aquarium & any promotional items) have been scheduled for pick up from our facility.
      b. Estimated Ship Date
      c. Estimated delivery date
      d. Review email that is sent regarding receiving and inspection instructions (including pictures of how shipment looks before it is picked up)
      e. Go over any questions that (you) the customer might have

LTL Carrier Picks up the Freight:
      a. PRO Number (this is a tracking number for freight) is created and can be used as well as the BOL number to track the shippment
      b. Photos have been taken of the freight before it departs and attached to the email that was sent to (you) the customer
      c. Photos or PDF of the Bill of Lading has been sent to the customer
  1. LTL Carrier transports aquarium

    1. LTL Carrier transports aquarium set to customers town.

    2. LTL Carrier contacts customer to arrange delivery

  2. LTL Carrier Delivery

    1. Carrier will arrive at customers house.

    2. The carrier will provide a Bill of Lading and request a signature.

      1. It is standard practice for the carrier to wait until you inspect the shipment before signing 

      2. **If paperwork is not provided, signature not requested or no where to report anything please notify CADE & AlgaeBarn immediately**

                 c. Carrier will utilize a lift gate to lower the aquarium crate and the stand crate from the truck height to street level. Afterwards, they will

                    pallet jack the aquarium to the sidewalk.
  •  During this time, please inspect the outside of the crate for damages.
  • Begin by inspecting the exterior of the crates. Look for damaged edges, holes, boot marks. (TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING
    AND SEND TO AlgaeBarn immediately
  • After you have completed the exterior inspection, remove the lid of both crates. A 3/16in flathead screwdriver simplifies the process greatly, And inspect the tank and stand within. Use a flashlight to shine along all the edges of the glass to ensure that no damages were sustained in transit.  If for some reason you do happen to find damage DO NOT remove the tank or stand from the crates, take pictures, and contact AlgaeBarn Immediately!
  •  A video for opening the crates can be found here: Opening a CADE Crate - VIDEO
  • Look for any signs of cracks or chips.
  • Please note any damage or potential damage on the Bill of Lading or POD.
**Please note, that the LTL carrier is unable to help you move the aquarium inside or help you open the crate.



 Receiving Your Aquarium

Please ensure that you follow these instructions.

  1. When the shipment comes to your door, take a good look at the crates that it comes in. The tank and stand are separately packaged in heavy-duty, engineered plywood crates. If there are broken segments, signs of opening, or damages to any part of the crates document with pictures, and on the "Proof of Delivery" paperwork (with a picture of the delivery paperwork as well), before signing and accepting your delivery. Then submit, everything within 48 hours max of delivery to

  2. Open your crates and look at your tank! Report any damages inside the crates within 48 hours of receiving the shipment. We ask that you inspect your tank inside of the crate, as once it is removed, we are no longer able to honor damages under the shipping guarantee. After inspecting the tank, stand, sump, and plumbing, please let us know if there is damage. We will ask for photos, so please take them when inspecting your tank.

  3. We recommend that you move your crates as close as possible to the area where the tank is to be set up prior to removal from the crates to prevent any damages as these cannot be covered under the shipping guarantee or the limited warranty. 

  4. We recommend that you rent or purchase premium suction cups to get the tank out of the crate and onto the stand, they are heavy!

  5. Once your tank is on the stand, please level the tank and snap a photo.

  6. Please follow the directions to set up the plumbing and go through the process in setting up your new tank. Snap a photo when you’re done!

Congratulations, you’re now ready to start cycling your tank and getting it ready to add underwater friends!