Impeccable Australian Design

Now Available Here in the US

A partnership between the incredible design and manufacturing of the well known and sought after CADE Aquariums, combined with the products, incredible customer support, and delivery of!  This partnership, the first of its kind in the US, allows us to provide these tanks both to local fish stores nationwide, as well as direct to consumer online! 

The Strength of CADE Aquariums,
​Provided by the leader in Natural Ecosystems

Forget those aquarium companies that ignore your calls, send out broken equipment that takes months to re-ship, have constant out of stock issues, send out poorly manufactured systems, and lack community focused support... We are CADE USA, and we are ready to make your aquarium dreams come true!

Experts in
the industry

CADE is known across Asia and Australia as a premium aquarium brand, with exceptional design and impeccable manufacturing quality.

Professional Logistics in the USA

With state of the art warehouse design and technology, your tank will be delivered safely to your door,  and be on time!

Best in Class Customer Support

AlgaeBarn is known for its incredible support and service, and our desire to better the reef keeping community.

Denver, Colorado

Professional Logistics and Warehouse team, Customer support and marketing.

CADE Aquariums
Melbourne, Australia

Designed and Tested in The Australian Market, By Long time Professional Grade Aquarists.

Fish Stores Nationwide

Partnering with fish stores across the nation to help them stock, sell, and support CADE Tanks!

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Designed by CADE, Supported by AlgaeBarn

AlgaeBarn is proud to represent this incredible aquarium manufacturer! We are here to help with the growth of CADE Aquariums as a cost effective and incredibly well manufactured option here in America, and support you with our incredible team of Aquarium Pros! We will assist in your tank purchase, and provide quality natural solutions for your reef well into the future of your Aquarium Journey! 

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