Texas Strong - Entry 30

09.03.21 10:50 PM Comment(s)

Zach C. - Entry #30

I'll start off by saying I didn't fear or respect this storm because I was stationed in upstate new york while I was in the army so cold weather was just another day in the life for me. This thought process cost my family and I greatly. At 0230 Sunday night we lost power all 4 of my tanks went dark and my snakes heat went out. I immediately got up and grabbed all of my wife's favorite comforters and wrapped my reef tank feeling that I could on save one from freezing and crashing. This gamble paid off for the reef but cost us every other tank and our snake. The reef tank stayed wrapped up under the blankets from Sunday night till Tuesday night when I was finally able to find a 400w power inverter at our local auto parts store who luckily opened up for cash only transactions. When we finally pulled off the blankets the tanks temp had dropped 9°F the other tanks were already gone we had to sit and watch as all of our beloved tanks inhabitants slowly faded and our snake tried her best to insulate her self from the cold. She would eventually lose this battle.
With our reef finally powered back up thanks to my wife graciously letting me idle her car for what would be the next 48 hours we started looking for casualties luckily only one peppermint shrimp was lost and our sailfins had sustained some minor damage to her face most likely due to the complete darkness under the blankets...in the end this wouldn't be enough between the stress and cold temps the tank started to crash. My first ever nano reef / frag tank was decimated a total loss, my 55g fresh water tank with our oldest fish was gone my son's tank with his giant veil tail beta was gone. All of these things that bought us together that we loved so much were just gone. This wasn't just my hobby it was a way for me to bond with two boys, my wife named all of our fish they all held a special place in our hearts. These tanks were always talking points for people who visited our home they were a way for me educate curious friends about the various creatures or coral we kept and those who have always wanted to try fish keep or even help some get over their fear of snakes... This wasn't just a hobby it was very much a part of what made our home what it was and what it will be again in time... All in all we were with out power for over 70 hours we lost 45+ fish 30 pieces of coral 1 very expensive betta and one very friendly snake... Moral of the story is never take mother nature lightly, she is a best and will make you pay for your lack of respect in the blink of a eye.
If you have read this far thank you.
Stay vigilant and happy reefing.
Attached are some photos of our tanks not all from the event but just at different times.
The tanks in the garage are the 55g and my son's aio 5g betta tank. The 15g flex was my first ever saltwater tank, pic was taken when I first set it up for salt water. The larger reef tank pic was taken just prior to the storm after we put in "Coco Chanelle" our sailfin. As for a reason as to why we need this tank.. our home revolved around our unique collection of pets and it just doesn't quiet feel like home now with all the lights out and void of the sounds of water trickling. In short it would bring joy back into our home.