Texas Strong - Entry 31

09.03.21 10:53 PM Comment(s)

Barry C. - Entry #31

I saw people of all races, rich and poor, religious and non religious, Republicans and Democrats, straight and gay all come together and unite and come together over this hobby. Giving away free parts, Sharing tanks. The world needs more reefers.
My tank took the first hit before the freeze. I lost my job do to COVID. For six months I searched to frantically find work. My tank suffered as I was forced to make changes over tank and stretching water changes. In January my entire family got CoVid as I started new employment. The night of Texas freeze I had a pipe burst as my daughter asked Dad do you have a fan running? My wife’s employment out church was also flooded and complete took out the children’s side of church and her office. I wrapped my tank in blankets. I took bubblers from my bait buckets to turn take oxygen over. I put a heater inside my sump area to capture any heat that i could as the electricity cycled. I went got bed thinking I have lost my tank. Lucky my diligence sparred my tank. My rodi not so lucky . But once again people were offering equipment an knowledge. Mine is a different story I didn’t loose everything like some, I had lost heavy before, In fact I gained in this. Gained faith in humanity by watching how this community became even stronger. Love to Reef! Like my picture of urchin and starfish. We have to come together and share the space. Texas did that during the big freeze!