Texas Strong - Entry 36

09.03.21 11:14 PM Comment(s)

Richard G. - Entry #36

As a member of the Texas Army National Guard not only did I help fellow Texans during the winter storms, but had to deal with issues at home as well. With power being out for almost 30 hours and no battery back up or generator, we resorted to filling gallon baggies with hot water and putting them in both the 90 gallon and the 20 gallon and changing them every 15-20 minutes. Needless to say we didn’t get any sleep for over 30 hours. Every couple of hours we were able to run an extension cord from the wife’s suv and plug in the return pumps for some flow and oxygen exchange. After all said and done it dropped to 40 degrees in the house and unfortunately with all the efforts luckily the only survivors were our 2 frostbite clowns and yellow tang. But nonetheless we are slowly recovering and getting back to normal. This trying time was definitely discouraging but learned several valuable lessons and the main one being how tight nit this community is and even though we lost so much I try and help out others wheee I can ie RODI water or whatever I can make and spare as I know others have lost much more. Thank you and it’s companies like y’all that this hobby and community are the best