Texas Strong - Entry 41

09.03.21 11:26 PM Comment(s)

Derak R. - Entry #41

After we lost power I pit blankets over the windows, and tried to insulate the tank with jackets. I attempted to move tge water sirface by hand fir oxygen exchange but I'm a police officer so I only had a few hours a day when i wasn't at work and i was trying to chop firewood and keep the family warm with the rest of my time. I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted to try and save my tank. I lost 2 mocha clowns, 1 yellow watchman goby, 1 neon dottyback, and a royal grama. I also lost my emerald crab but mu decorator crab some how made it. I had 15 coral in the tank 7 of which I put in the tank 2 days prior to to the power going out. I had got them from a live sale and did not expect to lose power. I lost all the coral except for my gsp lol. I lost a holographic hammer, fire lamellosa, rav4 chalice, 3 duncans, a small zoa colony, finger leather, red monti, green monti, sky blue mushrooms, cursed candy cane, crypto candy cane, and firework cloves. The only survivers are my rock flower anemone "fighter", decorator crab , gsp, and my clean up crew. With all the problems that the freeze has caused I will probably not be able to start my tank again in the near future. All the parameters are all over the place and I'm going to have to try to get whats left to my lfs. Thank you for supporting the community even if I don't win I know someone deserving will.