Texas Strong - Entry 43

09.03.21 11:32 PM Comment(s)

Lorri S. - Entry #43

My daughter and I had 13 tanks. Eleven fresh and 2 saltwater. We lost all the fresh except for 3 figure 8 puffers, 2 gold fish, and a cat. The really sad loss was the saltwater. We had built up a 125 and a 50 over the past few years. I had just lost a 32 cube when it busted open at a corner and combined what I could salvage into the other two tanks. We had a lot of corals in the 50, breed clowns with eggs, clam, scallop, numerous acans, pajamas, a mandarin that i painstakingly trained to eat frozen foods and so many more all lost. The 125 had what we learned to be a very expensive yellow tang, a new black anhle, lots of chromis, beautiful wrasses, and a school of pajamas. We lost all in both tanks except for a blenny in each and oddly one pajama fish. We tried blankets, heaters off my truck battery, everything we could but the house got below 30 when it was -2 outside without power. Ercot and Garland power and light were amd are pointing fingers but that doesn't replace the years of family we lost.