Texas Strong - Entry 46

09.03.21 11:39 PM Comment(s)

Tyler A. - Entry #46

Hey there, I’ve been in the hobby for almost 6 years, but I recently upgraded from a 30 biocube to a 90 gallon custom reef tank in August of last year. My story starts of like most, but unfortunately I was also battling my first experience with Marine Velvet. I know, like most beginners I weight the pros and cons of a full Quarantine or pest management, and chose the easier route. I fought the first outbreak with great success, installed a UB sterilizer, and all my fish looked great. My 2nd outbreak started just one week before the freeze. I went 5 days with no power. I located a old generator day 2, rebuilt the carburetor ( it had been stored since Hurricane Ike with no use), but was unable to get it running. I was able to run my heater and a small power head off the AC convert or on my truck, but this just wouldn’t generate enough power to successfully heat the tank. By day 2 my house was in the low 50’s and the tank got broke into the 60’s. By day 4 the tank reached 65 degrees, with my house getting all the way to 41 degrees.

The marine velvet exploded on the 2nd day. Taking out one clown fish, and a leopard wrasse. On day 3 I lost my yellow tang, kohle tang, and neon dottyback. By day 4 I had lost all of my fish including another clown, and my angel fish.

On a great note all of my coral survived in is now doing just fine! If I were to be selected I would use this tank to safely Quarantine all new fish, going into my main tank. Currently I’m waiting 2 months to add back any fish. Once I’m finished using it as a quarantine tank I have always wanted to have a anemone clown tank!

Thank you for your consideration!